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Specialty Items

You’ll also need these specialty items: 3D Foam, Solvy, Wash-Away, Heat-Away and Press ‘n Tear.

3D Foam

3D Foam

Available in a wide variety of colors, ranging in size from 9×12, 12×18 and 20×30, our 3D foam comes in 2 mil, 3 mil and 4 mil thicknesses.


A water soluble embroidery topping, Solvy comes in 10” or 40” width rolls, or 7×7 pre-cuts. Our 40” rolls are available in 110 or 550 yard lengths.


A water soluble embroidery backing, this product comes in 59” x 131 yard rolls. It dissolves completely in cold or hot water.


Embroidery backing that melts when heat is applied, this product comes in 40” x 165 yard or 30” x 110 yard rolls.

Press ‘n Tear

This product is a self-adhesive backing and comes in 20” x 27 yard rolls.