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We carry adhesive sprays, silicone lubricants and screen openers.

adhesive spray


We have spray adhesives to make permanent or temporary bonds of most surfaces. Available as repositionable, non-staining, non-wrinkling, quick tack, long tack or water-resistant, our sprays are ideal for screen printing, embroidery, furniture, upholstery and automotive applications.
silicon spray


Our silicone sprays are a high-quality, multi-purpose, non-staining lubricant that will not attract dust. For use on any surface, they reduce friction and are long lasting, colorless, fast drying, with no added chlorinated solvents. Ideal for screen printing, garment, upholstery, furniture, automotive and any high speed production.
adhesive spray

Screen Opener

A fast acting water-based screen opener that opens clogged screens and leaves no film.